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This website is owned by I. T. Hammar – Kunstnerspire (Organization number 812 037 692) hereunder referred to as I/me. I am your data controller when you use my services. I don’t save information about you when you visit this site, but I use third party services to run this website who may save some anonymized data like for example number of visitors and which countries visits are coming from (You can read more about their privacy policies on their websites: and In addition I use these plugins: FooBox Image Lightbox, FooGallery, Regenerate Thumbnails, WPML and Yoast SEO.

When you buy goods or services from me I register the information that is necessary for me to be able to receive pay and send you an invoice or receipt, and I use third party services for these (Conta Faktura and iZettle) who store information for me. If you receive an invoice through Conta Faktura I will ask you for your name, address, and possibly e-mailaddress in order to send the invoice by e-mail. If you pay using a card via iZettle information about time and place for the transaction, and card number is saved by iZettle. I only have access to see parts of your card number like this 0000 00•• •••• 0000. If you want a receipt for the purchase through iZettle I will save your e-mailaddress or phone number to be able to send you this electronically. (Read more about privacy policies regarding this at and

When you hire me to do a commission for you I have to store the files you send me which are necessary for the commission on my computer or on hard drives that I use. For example if you want a painting painted with a photo as a reference I will store the photo to be able to do the commission for you. I will not share pictures or files with others if this is not necessary for the commission.

Contact me if you have questions, or wish to edit or delete information and I will do this as long as it is possible and legal for me to do. Contact me at or by phone +47 41 41 02 39.

Last updated: 23.05.2018